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    Who's up for a girls' night out?

     No matter that you're born into a different sort of body; inside of every horny boy like you is a cross-dressing cutie just waiting to get out, and I'd love to be the one to show her the way.

     I'm a party girl with a huge appetite for erotic adventure. Ever since I was young, I knew that the boy's life was not for me; with my lithe body and sweet, soft voice, there was no way that I was going to grow up to be anything but the gorgeous girl that I am today. I, like you, used to long for the experience of going out with girlfriends dressed in the hottest styles, feeling the eyes of all the boys running up and down along my luscious little figure, swaying my hips and pushing out my tits until I find just the right, irresistible man to take me home and make a real woman out of me.

     Now, I love getting dolled up and showing off, especially with an experimental sissy boy in tow. Giggling and primping in front of the mirror, we'll raid my boudoir together to find the best make-up to accentuate all of the most feminine features of your face, the delicate, lacy panties and stockings the shape your hips and legs, and finish it all off with a mouth-wateringly sexy dress and, of course, just the right pair of heels to augment the curves of your legs. There's nothing like going prowling for prick with other lovely ladies; the second we step out onto the street, dressed to the nines in our most bewitchingly seductive outfits, anything can happen. I am the ideal shemale: 100% femme, but with a special treat beneath my skirt which drives my desire from mild to extremely, shamelessly kinky; the only limits to what we might do are our collective imagination.

     I am the perfect woman for the perfectly horny man because with me, the only trace of masculinity that you'll see is from the men we attract, together. Let me teach you how to be the best girl you can be, and together, we'll tear up the town!

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